Lisa Schulz, MSW

Primary Therapist
Brief info

Lisa Schulz (she/her) has been working in the field of Human services for over 20 years. She mainly worked with adults that are unhoused, living in poverty, and that have co-occurring disorders. Lisa received her MSW from Edinboro University. She believes in harm reduction and using a person-centered approach when working with clients. She believes that building a trusting and supporting relationship is very important to feel safe and comfortable while in therapy. Lisa is a huge dog lover, who has had them her entire life. In fact, when Lisa was younger her dad trained guiding eye dogs for people. She currently has 2 dogs, Gilbert an American bulldog mix, and Stella a Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland mix. They require a walk before work every morning and will not leave me alone until that happens. They are both rescues and spoiled rotten.