Nathan Mochizuki, M.Div

Primary Therapist
Brief info

Hi, my name is Nate. I’m a primary therapist here at Gavia LifeCare Center. I believe that throughout life, there are times when we lose our sense of purpose, meaning, and our joy. This can be disorienting and discouraging. The stories of our lives may seem full of sadness and hopelessness. My approach, shaped by Narrative Therapy, is to help you to realize once again your skills, capabilities, and values, which in turn may help you find your way forward again. I do want to say outright that I don’t believe I have all the answers for you. Instead, I believe that therapy is a journey in which you get to decide, hopefully aided by our conversations, how you want to face the inevitable challenges of life. I have earned my Master of Divinity and so, if it’s relevant to you, I can help you explore your relationship with your higher power/spirituality especially if you’re struggling to define what you believe. Outside of this work, I enjoy the rain, large dogs, and baseball.