Gavia LifeCare Center - Where your life is the center of our care!
Gavia LifeCare Center, LLC

Gavia LifeCare Center is an OMH Licensed Outpatient Mental Health treatment center.  Gavia has contracts with and accepts the following payers:

  • AETNA Medicare
  • AETNA Commercial
  • Excellus Commercial
  • Excellus Medicare
  • Excellus Medicaid
  • Fidelis
  • NYS Medicaid
  • Molina
  • MVP Medicare
  • MVP Medicaid
  • MVP Commercial
  • Medicare
  • United Health Care Medicare – UHC Dual Complete
  • United Health Care Medicaid – UHC Community Plan
  • United Health Care Commercial
Our Services

General Therapy
Mental Health Counseling can often be referred to as counseling or psychotherapy. Therapy consists of a choice or combination of individual, couples, family or group sessions. Therapy is provided in a caring environment with a non-judgmental therapist who addresses your individual goals. Treatment occurs through listening, offering feedback and creating skills to manage distress in the future. All therapy is offered through a trauma-informed lens, recognizing that recovery is possible when experiences are validated and honored.

Art/Music Therapy
Art therapy, facilitated by a professional art therapist, effectively supports personal treatment goals. Art therapy is used to improve insight, foster self-esteem and self-awareness, cultivate emotional resilience, and reduce and resolve conflicts and distress.

Music enriches human lives in a unique and necessary way. Music therapy consists of providing opportunities for self-discovery and growth. Instead of being imprisoned by emotional experience, Music Therapy provides a means for clients to develop the capacity to first tolerate and then enjoy the full realm of human emotional experience. Working with music is working on one’s inner life.

Adolescent Therapy
Adolescent therapy provides individual and family therapy for youth, ages 11 – 18. The therapeutic environment provides youth and families with a safe place to express their feelings and learn new ways to cope with distress.

Spirituality, if we use a broad understanding of it, is our connection to our meaning and purpose. People find that through their connection to their higher power, their values, beliefs, the universe, or many other things. Throughout the ups and downs of life, it can be beneficial to spend time tending to this connection, because it can get muddled, weakened, or seem elusive. Outside of specifically religious contexts, there’s not always a safe place to discuss this openly. Here at Gavia, we create a space for you in the context of your therapy to search for and reflect on those spiritual dimensions of your life so that hopefully you can build up that connection and draw strength from it.

Medication Management
Medication can be an important part of treatment. Our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners offer medication consultations for current clients of Gavia as well as clients who have a therapist in the community. Before scheduling a session with a psychiatric provider, a prospective client must be seen at least once by a therapist for an evaluation and complete a brief virtual visit with a nurse for a health history.

When you call Gavia LifeCare Center the phone will be answered by a caring and compassionate individual. Our administrative assistants schedule intakes, answer questions, address insurance questions, and manage the front desk. They are truly the backbone for the agency. 

Responsiveness to Clients and Referral Sources

Due to our independence from the large medical facilities, we offer a more flexible and immediate response to the needs of clients. Treatment is tailored specifically to those currently in our service instead of having traditional topics for groups. For example, if we find there is a cohort of women who all belong to the “sandwich generation”, caring for aging parents and young children, a therapy group could be formed offering support and skill building specific to those needs.

One of the main gaps in service in the community is the availability of Psychiatric Specialists to manage medications. We have Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners on staff as well as an overseeing Psychiatrist to solve this issue. The consistent presence of a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner affords Gavia LifeCare Center, LLC the opportunity to offer evaluations to all clients to examine the role of medication in management of their symptoms.

Clinician Support

Our clinician development and supervisory model is a significant advantage over other treatment providers. Gavia LifeCare Center, LLC offers professional development for all clinicians and encourage professional growth in areas of interest.  As clinicians grow professionally, services for our clients improve.

After Hours Support

Gavia LifeCare Center, LLC has an on-call system for after hour emergencies covered by the clinicians in the agency. This is a critical service for clients as it guarantees they will speak with a person who can access their record electronically and become familiar with the patient’s history. When a client is in crisis, speaking with a therapist who knows them and can schedule a crisis visit the very next day is both reassuring, and may prevent a hospital visit.

If the client is in crisis and needs acute services, the on-call clinician will refer to our community based partners. The referral may be critical and require a 911 call or coordination with an open access center in the community. We will be able to send clinical information from our EMR to that respective provider seamlessly.

Mission Statement

Gavia is the name of the Genus for the Loon, a bird that is native to North America. Loons are the bird that holds it's breath the longest and dives the deepest. Our mission at Gavia LifeCare Center is to equip therapists and clients with the skills they need to hold their breath and take a deep dive to improve their quality of life on a daily basis.