Working as a Team

Everyone experiencing emotional distress is doing the best they can with the skills they have.
At Gavia LIfeCare Center we help you build and enhance the skills you need to more effectively manage your life. Once you have built and mastered these skills you will have more control over your personal and professional life.

What Isn’t Working Now in your Life

Your family suffers as you struggle with a lack of energy and internal peace. Your work is less productive due to continually feeling unfocused and lacking in confidence. Your health is impacted by emotionally eating to cope with worry and stress.

Living with symptoms of poor sleep, unhealthy relationships, challenges at work, or a critical internal voice that constantly beats you up leads to a poor quality of life. Left untreated, these situations will have a physical, emotional, spiritual and financial impact on you.

Skills Bring Balance to Your Life

When you need to improve your sills to cope with stress and challenges in life, Gavia Life Care Center is here to provide professional mental health counseling that is accessible and timely.

Learning to manage your emotions results in feeling positive and confident. When you are less critical, self-esteem improves and the stressful situations you encounter will turn from severe challenges to opportunities for growth. Feeling clear headed ensures you will hear and attend to conversations, promoting meaningful connections with the people who matter most in your life: family, friends, and colleagues.

When you contact Gavia LifeCare Center, you are taking a critical first step toward a new focus and confidence in your life.

Walking The Journey with You

Gavia LifeCare Center was formed to address the gaps in care for people seeking mental health treatment. The long wait lists, impersonal answering machines, high clinician case loads, lack of pharmacotherapy (Medication), and poor responsiveness to urgent needs created the impetus for a new service model.

At Gavia LifeCare Center, the phone will be answered by a caring person who will offer you an appointment within 48 hours. The first clinician you meet with will become your primary therapist and will remain with you throughout your entire treatment. Your primary therapist will have time for you in their schedule as their caseloads will be manageable. Evaluation for medication will be offered when it is therapeutic for you. Treatment for mental health will be focused on a holistic picture of your optimal health.

Your Journey

Convenient Scheduling

Initial Visit

Primary Therapist Model

Course of Treatment

Medication Options

Family Involvement

Group Therapy

Does Counseling really help?

Mission Statement

Gavia is the name of the Genus for the Loon, a bird that is native to North America. Loons are the bird that holds it's breath the longest and dives the deepest. Our mission at Gavia LifeCare Center is to equip therapists and clients with the skills they need to hold their breath and take a deep dive to improve their quality of life on a daily basis.