Ryn Sparks

Office Administrator
Brief info

Ryn Sparks is a non-binary individual that is part of our administration team at Gavia. Currently, Ryn's main responsibilities consist of answering the phone, handling client questions and concerns, keeping documents filed electronically, and more. They are proud to be a friendly face to the client-base, making conversation and building rapport with clients whenever they speak to someone.

It is Ryn's mission to get people the help that they need, and to treat everyone with kindness. The world consists of a lot of negativities, and you never know what someone may be going through -- so Ryn strictly follows the principle, "treat others how you would like to be treated." You never know what kind words someone might need to hear today.

In their free time, Ryn likes to write, play the ukulele, and spend time with their cats, Theodore and Lily.