Evening/Weekend Therapy Program

Gavia LifeCare Center has developed an Evening/Weekend Therapy program to:

  1.  Serve More Clients in need of Mental Health Services by creating practice space for great community providers
  2.  Give School and Agency Based Masters level Mental Health Practitioners – MSW, MHC-P, LMSW, LCSW, LCAT, School Psychologists – an opportunity to keep current with their counseling capabilities, improve mental health in the community, and earn a good part-time income.

We are looking for creative and dedicated mental health practitioners to join our evening/weekend team.  If you are currently working for a school or other community based human services agency, we encourage you to come to our information session on: 

Basic Structure:

  •   Go through paid orientation with Gavia
  •   Give a 6-month minimum commitment
  •   Carry a case load to see 6-10 clients a week
  •   Counseling will be done in-person as well as virtually

Gavia is located in Greece with 3 offices.  Our client commitment is to answer the phones with a real person and to see clients within 2-3 weeks of their referral or request for services.  As Mental Health Practitioners in the community, you are aware of the lack of services and the lack of creativity in getting clients seen timely.

Gavia is working very hard to make a change to the status quo.

Please complete the form shown on this page and include the subject line:

Evening/Weekend Program.

Thank you for helping serve all of the community needs.
Sherry Nau, EdD, LCSW
Founder/Executive Director