Why try out therapy?

You cringe when your friend says “Have you thought of seeing a therapist?.”  Of course, that is not on your top 10 list of things to do.  It doesn’t make any list of “things to do,” rather it is on the list of “things to avoid.” Yet, a small voice inside of you admits it would probably help.  You have not been the same since your best friend moved out of state.  Even though you have chatted on the phone, it isn’t the same.  She was your rock after your mother died a couple years ago, and now it seems even harder to get through the day.  Your focus has been off, you are not sleeping well, and nothing seems enjoyable.  But, you wonder, “How is seeing a therapist going to help?”  

When you begin therapy, you are entering into a relationship like no other in your life. A therapist is trained to join with you in a safe, supportive environment that allows you to explore areas of your life that are the source of unresolved pain and hurt.  Through sharing and gaining insight, you learn skills to cope with the difficult emotions. The therapist uses their expertise to guide you in recognizing how your strengths provide opportunities for growth.  The suffering begins to resolve, and life has more moments of joy.   

Therapy is not easy.  Most times it is only the therapist who wakes up looking forward to their appointments.  When you take that leap and schedule the first appointment, what should you expect?  

The first session starts with “What drove you to make the call?” Has something changed recently?  Did you say, “Enough is enough, I’m calling”?   When you enter therapy it is important to understand what is occurring now in your life. This sets the stage for establishing your goals.  The therapist’s role is to listen, clarify and guide you in “connecting the dots” between your current stressors, your past and your future goals.  This initial first step of your journey can be a relief, while also filled with anxiety.  Stick with it. Therapy is effective and life changing.  Just ask a therapist.

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Sherry Nau

Executive Director

Dr. Nau holds degree in Counseling and Education and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She will be responsible for the overall operation of the business. As a clinician with over 25 years of substance abuse and mental health experience, she will be available to the team for consultation and supervision. Her primary responsibilities will be maintaining connections with community providers, development of new referral sources, training and supervision of the Clinical Director, participation in clinical team meetings and ensuring the financial solvency of the company.