Diane Traux, MHC-P

Primary Therapist
Brief info

Diane Traux believes that counseling is a significant piece to self-awareness and self-care. She meets client’s where they are at and approaches clients with empathy, open mindedness, and respect. Knowing that each person’s journey is different and unique. Diane’s goals are to use active listening in order to assess what the clients’ goals are and how to accomplish those goals most effectively. Diane has experiences with CBT, DBT, Schema, and takes a person-centered approach and has experience working with children, adults, and families. Diane is aware that there can be a stigma associated with mental health counseling and is a strong advocate toward educating others on the importance of counseling for our overall holistic wellbeing. Diane has a Bachelor of Science at Suny Brockport and a masters in mental health counseling at Medaille.